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Episode: 8
Date: February 10, 1972
Time: 45 minutes
Musical Director:
Producer: Peter Whitmore
Writer: Chris Boucher


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Dave plays a clueless police officer, Michael is a repairman and then both of them are cowboys in opening sketches. In the opening, Dave reminds the audience that smoking and drinking is not allowed although he freely does so on stage. He then explains his hidden signals and covert gestures to the producer off-stage. Following sketches involve men in a duel of honor, Rodriguez asks for proof of God, two assassins catch each other in each others cross hairs and another sketch has another duel of honor. Dave then talks about inventions and implants before a series of sketches about inventions.
Dave recalls the importance of a good book to introduce sketches around literary characters such as Long John Silver, Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan, Rapunzel and the Count of Monte Cristo. Another story involves an entertainer behind bars while following sketches involves a judge and his perpetrator, a men's club, a distracted guards and Michael and Ronnie as bungling thieves.
Dave starts a chat about women followed by a man in love with his suddenly female doctor and King Richard back from the Holy Land. A few comments about God are followed by sketches at the expense of the Catholics and the cremation of an actor. Closing the show, Dave ends with the stories of the Sand Man and Scissor Men and a closing sketch with a woman terrified by her husband during Hand and Seek.


  • Ronnie Brody escapes prison


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  • Dave Allen - "Booze - what it gives to you one week it takes away the next!"

  • Dave Allen - "There's a very old saying that if a girl steps over a broom, she will be a mother before she is a wife." (pause) "All I can say is looking at the state of the world today, there seem to be an awful lot of brooms laying about."


  • Dave's "Trip to Transylvania" tale was completely removed from the episode when this episode was edited for American television.