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Super-Teech is the heroic alter ego of Professor Arnold McFudpucker from St. Nana’s School in Downtown Teddington, Middlesex, England. He doesn’t seem to have any superhuman powers except for great courage, fighting skills and a wily mind. He is capable of fooling guards to think he has women in his cell by displaying women's underwear on his cell door and incapacitating other guards by disguising his ankle weights as soccer balls, which they try to kick, resulting in them smashing their toes. When he grins, a light bounces off his steely grin. However, he is easily distracted when Rupert (Jackie Wright), his sidekick, is in danger though.
At St. Nana's School, McFudpucker often grouses about the malfunctioning coffee machines at the school when it adds soup elements to his drinks and over the burlesque answers of his students to their tests. (For example: relax is dark chocolate, a lagoon is a French idiot). Among his students was Princess Jasmine (Louise English), the daughter of a distant Arabian king, but when she gets kidnapped, he dashes off to the campus outhouse and is struck by lightning, becoming the heroic and dashing Super-Teech. With Rupert, Super-Teech invades the fortress grounds of Wanda the Wicked West Whickam Whip Woman (Alison Bell), patrolled by scantly clad ladies and goose-stepping soldiers, but they were captured and forced to use their insane wits and a lot of good luck to rescue Jasmine. Meanwhile, King Mustafa (Bob Todd) offers £5 million for information leading to his daughter’s release and all the teachers at St. Nana’s School rush to save her. By this point, however, Super-Teech was returning by bike to St. Nana's, believing he had smuggled Jasmine out to freedom in a carpet after losing Rupert. However, on arrival, as he unrolled the carpet, he discovers it is Rupert inside and that he had misplaced the Princess Jasmine who later turns up returning back to the campus on foot.