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Strangers in The Night is a parody of the 1967 film "Bonnie and Clyde" with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway. Benny Hill and Jackie Wright play Warren Beatroot and Fay Dunawaywith as the legendary crime duo.
On the night of a cold winter storm, Willard Park and his daughter, Grace (Henry McGee and Moira Foot), are relaxing warmly at home when the traveling Reverend Soams and his wife (Jackie and Benny) stop by hoping to get out of the storm. The travelers are warmly greeted as Willard boasts his daughter's talent with bagpipes. He offers to have Grace play for them, but Mrs. Soames kindly reclines the honor since the reverend is too deaf to appreciate it.
On arrival, the wife asks for a bit of brandy which becomes the source of contention in Grace. She goes off to find a bottle with her father in attendance, but while they're away, the announcer on the radio (Eddie Buchanan) reveals that gangsters Bonnie and Clyde are in the area, describing their attire out loud as the Parks realize they are actually the Reverend and his wife. Their identities revealed, Bonnie and Clyde take Willard and Grace prisoner in their house as they evade the state police. There's a lot of criticism and comments shot between Bonnie and Clyde as they argue, and Bonnie briefly confides in Grace her horrible childhood and relationship with a beau named Horace, who refused to marry her.
Faced with the intruders staying the night, Willard insists on morality that the men sleep in one room and the ladies in the other room to prevent any hanky-panky. Bonnie consents to these conditions as the men and ladies split up. However, once the doors are locked, Bonnie pulls off her wig to reveal she's really Clyde alone with the girl, and Clyde is really Bonnie alone with the bedroom with the father.


  • The Parks have a weird sleeping arraignment in their house. The daughter sleeps in the front parlor of the house while the father gets the bedroom.
  • If one looks closely, Moira seems to be giggling as Benny gets into bed with her.