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St. John Bossom is a British East End poet known for writing poems like "Life is a Double Bed," "The Dirty Old Man" and "Norman." A bit of a soft-talker, he is considered a bit of a rebel for not conforming with society. He appears on Uplift with Humphrey Bumphrey where he is interviewed by Joanna Blakewell-Tart (Leslie Goldie). He interrupts her with excerpts from his new book, "Life is a Double Bed," and when she asks just why life is a double bed, he asks her not to analyze it. He mentions his entire family are non-conformists; his mother cooks with kerrygold. He denies being a smoke addict and having long hair. Bakewell-Tart asks if there's any artists anymore, and Blossom points out all the graffiti in his neighborhood, some with grammatical errors. He wraps with more poetry from his book. He later appears on November 24, 1971 to recite more of his poetry.