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Spot Black is a sports program featuring high-stakes pool tournaments between professional pool players, such as Henry McGee and Hurricane Hill (Benny Hill).
Hill starts the game, making a pocket while sinking several red balls, but he's distracted by a patron in a green dress Leslie Goldie coming in and misses his next shop. McGee goes up next with Hill shaking hands with him (crushing his fingers) and handing him a crooked pool cue. Table-side, Hill continues making noises with a squeaky chalk cue, noisy jewelry, rattling a snuff box and a sneeze he tries fighting off. However, once having stifled his sneeze, it erupts as McGee makes his shot, costing him points. As Hill tries his next shot, he is defeated by a faulty snooker cue, but as he leaves, he secretly palms the cue ball and replaces it with a wobbly ball that covers the table without hitting any balls. McGee removes and replaces his eyeglasses in disbelief upon seeing it, but Hill now moves in and dominates the table with pockets and points with balls rolling in every direction. Hill even briefly hits McGee accidentally with the butt end of his stick at one point. However, his last movement is in a direct line with the lady in the green dress who flirts with him and tampers with her dress in front of him. He's so rattled by her that he ends up ripping the table cover, forfeiting the game. As McGee comes to regain his trophy, it is revealed the lady in the green dress is his wife.