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Spencer Shires is an English actor, singer and musician. Not much is known about his life and career, but his real name may be Spencer Shiroba. His first known appearance was the 1967 British film, "The Sky Bike." He later became a member of the "Young Generation" BBC music group in 1973 which at separate times included "Benny Hill" alumni as Roger Finch, Walter Cartier and Kay Frazer, later appearing on the TV series "Thirty-Minute Theatre" before appearing as himself in "Rock on with 45" in 1975. He was possibly the blonde singer in Reflections with Linda Robertson and two other unknown singers in 1977, appearing on the June 26, 1977 episode of the "The Benny Hill Show." He stayed on the show for one more episode in a few bit parts in the Girls Girls Girls Nightclub sketch and as a member of the The Milk Market Board choir in the March 23, 1977 episode.
As Spencer Shiroba, he did vocals, guitar and keyboard for the pop music group Shooter in 1978, later appearing on "The Goodies" TV show in 1980. In 1981, He helped produce "I Looks Could Kill" and "Don't You Look F-A-B" for the Incredible Kidda Band. Beyond that, he dropped until obscurity until 2001 when he helped produce "Lady of the Afternoon" for the group, Radio Shanghai, at Loft Records. His current activities are unrevealed.


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