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Speedy Zapper is an English producer, director and writer turned quick change artist. Interviewed on Uplift with Humphrey Bumphrey, he confesses he became a quick change artist as a protest to his family who lives in two speeds, "dead slow" and "stop." He says his father moves like a nudist climbing over a barbwire fence, and his sister claims she's "not that kind of a girl, but by time she got done talking, she was." His brother swings his leg around while sitting to point to things and has money due him dropped in his pockets by others.
Zapper's quick changes are so fast they cannot be registered by the naked eye. He demonstrates his ability by changing his attire into Victoria-era clothing. When asked if he can also change character, he gets up to demonstrate. Near his wardrobe, he becomes W.C. Fields and delivers lines to himself as Mae West. He then becomes a Vaudeville performer in a checkered suit, Bob Todd, his most requested impression and then his most difficult impression, Jenny Lee Wright in a tight bustier and dark tights before becoming himself and departing.


  • Zapper and his interviewer were both played by Benny Hill.
  • When Benny rises from his chair, he slips into his normal voice instead of the voice he used as Zapper. This may have happened because of a time lag between taping both parts, but he corrects it at the end.
  • The W.C. Fields/Mae West dialogue was recreated by Benny Hill and Cheryl Gilham on February 7, 1974.
  • Benny also played a quick-change artist named Zipper Martin on February 23, 1977.
  • Zapper's impersonation as Bob Todd is a parody of an ad campaign Todd did for Knorr beef cubes in the early 1970's ("It's beef!" was the main slogan).