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Sharon Fussey is an English actress and dancer who appeared on British television and film through the Seventies. She was a member of the Sam's Set troop of dancers created by Samantha Stevens along with Caroline Sargeant, Sandra Hamilton and Erica Lynley. She first appears in roles in "The Firefighters" shown on the CBS Children's Film Festival and "The Stud" eventually appearing in the opening "Coconut Milk" number on the December 26, 1978 episode of "The Benny Hill Show," where she was credited as Sharon Bond. She was joined by her sister, Tina Bond, in the number. She made headlines in the British press when she and the other three members of "Sam's Set" refused to wear the skimpy bikini attire for the "Holiday Time" sketch; cast member Sue Upton instead taking the part. Of the group, Erica Lynley later returned as a recurring cast member.
Sharon later made appearances in the films "The Class of Miss MacMichael" and "The Bitch," as well the TV series, "Hammer House of Horror" and "Brendon Chase." She also appeared in the 1981 short, "Late Flowering Love."