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Shameful Moments in Sports is a sports television retrospective showcasing chicanery, bloopers and unsportsmanlike conduct in televised sports. The clips it features includes:

  • A soccer player (Benny Hill) leans on his goal post and knocks it down; he almost does it twice while distracted by a lady pulling up her hosiery.
  • A boxer named Big Boy Gaylord (Benny Hill) hears the name of his opponent, Thunder Joe McCreedy-Jones and his referee Jim McCreedy-Jones
  • A golfer (Benny Hill) not only gets a hole in one, but he gets it to spin around the flag post before entering the hole
  • A soccer player (Benny Hill) knocks over a rival player (Jackie Wright) on the field. As he's penalized by the referee (Nicholas Parsons), the downed player ties his shoelaces together.
  • A pole vaulter (Benny Hill) smashes into a truck (inexplicably) pulling up in front of his obstacle
  • A sports doctor (Benny Hill) rushing to the aid of an injured soccer player (Jackie Wright) can't open his medical kit so he makes due with what he has
  • Big Boy Gaylord (Benny Hill) takes a drink before his match and spits it out during his match