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The Saucy Boy is a little boy who uses a sling shot to create mischief. His real name is unrevealed, but one morning while eating breakfast, he cuts up his mother's underwear for the elastic and makes a slingshot he uses to shoot his toast as it comes out of the toaster. He soon travels around his neighborhood causing destruction around him. He brings down an empty hotel, he goes to the race track and makes a car crash and he pings an Olympic skier causing him to take a tumble. He eventually wanders into an adult club near the amusement park and sees Mahala, an exotic dancer with a "daring balloon dance," and decides to destroy the balloon concealing her body, but after popping it, he accidentally reveals she is a blow-up woman herself. The angry male audience now suddenly notices him sitting in the back of the club and chases him from the club even as he escapes to the amusement park and eludes them in a go-cart.