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Sarah Woolett is an English dancer best known as a member of the dance troupe, Pan's People, mostly associated with the TV music chart show, "Top of the Pops," that aired on the BBC in England.
Not much is known about her past and career, but it is known she trained at the Arts Educational School in London. She later joined Pan's People under former member, Dee Dee Wilde, who re-formed the group after it left "Top of the Pops," along with Pauline Crawford, Patricia McSherry and future Hill's Angels Louise English, Abigail Higgins and Francesca Whitburn. Woolett appeared with "Pan's People" on "The Benny Hill Show" on March 14, 1979 and briefly starred on the series as a cast member, appearing in the "Soar-Away Sum" blooper on April 25, 1979. Not much more is known about her life. Although many of the Angels have since become choreographers and dance instructors, she may no longer be in show business.