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San Embargos is a small Central American country ruled by a totalitarian government under President Fartas (first name unrevealed). The culture is predominantly Spanish and under on-going political strife with Revolutionists trying to retake the government. The country is full of anti-government messages on the buildings with the country's general (Bob Todd) trying to quell the up-risings.
To combat the anti-government vandalism, the general hires two inept painters (Benny Hill and Johnny Hutch) who drag out the time on the job by reading the newspaper and dripping paint on each other (mostly the old man). When the General shows up and sees the lack of progress, he pulls a gun on them and orders them to work, the two painting over the entire billboard (and the old man disappearing into it) on one half bucket of paint. The other bucket has been stolen by the Revolutionist (Henry McGee) who has gone off to paint more propaganda. When one of the painters is caught near it with the errant brush and paint, he's blamed for it by a young major (Jon Jon Keefe ) and his aide (Lorraine Doyle). Pursued by motorcycles, he flees with the major on a motorcycle of which he somehow gains control, dumping the major in the road. Colliding with the Revolutionist on a ladder, the befuddled painter gets stuck on the ladder atop the motorcycle, colliding with a bridge and getting thrown several feet. He finally lands at the outdoor picnic for President Fartas, crashing over the length of the table and landing in a haystack, where he's caught by the major and his assistant.


  • Johnny's mustache looks as if it's about to fall off at any time in the sketch.
  • The "soaking up the paint" gag is repeated from the Joe Titmarsh sketch on April 16, 1986.
  • The motorcycle stunt work was performed by the Royal Artillery Motorcycle Display Team.
  • The four-way stop also appears in the Cops and Robbers sketch and the Charlene's Angels sketches.
  • The stunt across the table was possibly inspired from Dick Shawn, whose character did the same stunt in the 1963 movie, "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World."