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Samantha Stevens is an English actress, dancer, choreographer and founder of the Sam's Set dance troupe. She is known for her work on "The Benny Hill Show," "The Basil Brush Show" and "The Doctors."
Not much is known about Samantha's early life and career. Her first role on television was in 1971 on an episode of "The Doctors." She appeared as waitress ogled by Benny Hill in the Gavin Blod sketch and as a Newer Faces performer on January 8, 1975 and again as a dancer in the Midnight in Soho sketch on March 12, 1975. After departing the show, she founded the Sam's Set dancers with Caroline Sargeant, Erica Lynley and Sharon Fussey for episodes of "The Basil Brush Show." All three members eventually became members of the Hill's Angels on "The Benny Hill Show." Samantha returned to the show as well as a choreographer behind the scenes on December 26, 1978.
Today, Samantha is is co-founder of "The Supercali Cabaret" and currently one-fifth of the vintage girl group "The Buttercups," performing regularly for private and corporate events and parties and playing in pubs and gatherings across London.