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The S.S. Rumpo is a British cruise ship which sails from the port of Littlehampton. Unfortunately, the crew act very boorish and unprofessional to the point where they practically violate the rights of their passengers. When they get hungry while on duty, two of the stewards (Benny Hill and Jerrold Wells) sway back and forth to make a passenger (Jackie Wright) sea sick enough to abandon his mean so they can eat it.
For entertainment, the crew dangle off the ship to spy on the female passengers (Mia Martin) coming out of the showers in the state rooms or loiter under the deck stairs to look under the skirts of the female passengers (Carol Mills and Bettine Le Beau), but this often backfires when they're not paying attention to notice the Scottish men (Henry McGee) in kilts.
The ship's somelier isn't much better, using sound effects to cover up for a weak bottle of wine. He also frequenly goes around patting the bottoms of ladies (Carol Mills) standing at the rails. The only one who seems to be professional on deck are the entertainment, pianist Madame Karsova and Fred (Jose Stewart and Benny Hill). The Captain (Benny Hill) isn't much better than his crew, using fake hands at his table to fondle the female guests (Mia Martin and Marilyn Rickard) under the table.
The bartender (Benny Hill) though somewhat professional is also apparently inexperienced. He spills water, hurls ice and fails at making drinks, at one time losing an olive and trying to catch it with a spoon only to lose it down the front of a dress of a young lady (Carol Mills) with a gentleman (Henry McGee). When the crew (Bob Todd and Jerrold Wells) break into the liquor and get really inebriated, they chase the female guests across the ship, creating a very trying and exhausting experience for the passengers.