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Rubber Balloons is a song performed by Val Doonigoon (Benny Hill) in the opening quickie on February 18, 1976. The song is part of a parody of Irish crooner and folk singer Val Doonican who had his own TV-series in the 80s along side "The Benny Hill Show." It was preceded by another quickie on December 23, 1970 with the song acted out by Sue Bond as the young lady, Nicholas Parsons and Jan Butlin as concerned by-standers and Benny as the distracted old man trying to sell his balloons.



"Buy my rubber balloons."
Said the old man in the street
But no one cared for his rubber balloons
Because a young girl had fainted in the street

The doctor in the crowd said,
"I know what to do when a young lady swoons.
"Rub her shoulders and her cheeks
"Rub her hands and her feet."


And the old man cried out...
"Rubber Balloons...
"Oh, Rubber Balloons...
"Won't somebody buy my Rubber Balloons,"