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The Rose of El Paso was a song performed by Benny Hill on March 12, 1975. It was performed on a set backed by Lee Gibson and Diana Darvey with Bob Todd, Jackie Wright and Henry McGee in a car on-stage.
The town of El Paso also appears in two more routines. The song, "El Paso" was sung by Eddie Buchanan on December 17, 1975 for a Western-themed sketch and Benny recited The Legend of El Paso on February 18, 1976.


Oh, I flew into El Paso
One morning about half past ten
Had me a beer and some pork and some beans
And then I blew out again

I saw her as she stood in a doorway
She was of a high class sort
The prefume she wore was Tejuene L'amour
And it cost ten cents a quart

She was the Rose of El Paso
With a ramblig rose in her hair
but as I grew closer I saw with surprise
The red rose was growing there

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She told me that she lived with her parents
And her crocodiles Peter and Mike
I said, "Where the heck do your crocodiles sleep?"
And she said anywhere that they like

One day, she came in from the forest
When her face had been scarred by a bear
The surgeon grafted on some of my skin
From a place where I had plenty to spare

Well, she thanked me for saving her beauty
I said that there was no need to speak
I'll see that I'm happily rewarded
Everytime your mother kisses your cheek

I will not marry the Rose of El Paso
For my family motto heaven forbid
It's okay with my maw and my paw
But it would upset my wife and four kids