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Rolf Harris is a famous Australian outback expert and TV host who features aborigine culture on his program. Although very excited to be sharing his research to others, he often neglects to realize how much of a danger his items (and himself) are to others. While showing off a didgeridoo and giving a blow-pipe demonstration, he accidentally shoots a female cast member (Lee Gibson) in her posterior. After he quickly realizes the blow dart is poisonous, she looks for someone to suck the poison out of her... Something Harris is way too eager to help with.
In an art display, Harris tries to show off the look of the Australian landscape on a landscape, but once again, his attention is more on his audience and he splatters another assistant (Samantha Stevens) in paint, receiving a few coarse words in return.
Harris is also known as one of the impressions of Zipper Martin.


  • Rolf Harris was played by Benny Hill. He was based on a real British Australian entertainer named Rolf Harris whose career has encompassed work as a musician, singer-songwriter, composer, comedian, actor, painter and television personality. His 1967 to 1974 series also featured Roger Finch and Pete Morgan as guests.
  • Bob Todd also appears as another assistant.