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Jenny Lee-Wright, Jackie Wright and Benny Hill


Roger Rogers is a character in the movie, Passengers Of Love, played by Ray Hilland (Benny Hill). He is a passenger on an unidentified cruise line. Charming and winsome, he wins over the majority of the First Class passengers and a female passenger (Jenny Lee Wright) until it's discovered he's only a Second Class passenger. The captain (Bob Todd) soon discovers he's actually the owner of the ship and all is forgiven in time for Roger to catch the Phantom Prowler (Nicholas Parsons) harassing the female guests.


  • Rogers was played by Benny Hill.
  • This sketch was identified as "Passengers of Love," a parody of badly dubbed and overly-edited movies from the 40s.
  • This sketch was partially remade as "Love Ship" in the R. Dibble: Handyman episode. 
  • The "Roger Rogers" name may well have been a reference to French film composer and bandleader Roger Roger (1911-1995), who composed countless stock music for the Chappell Recorded Music library which was used in countless films and TV shows (but ironically, none of his works were used in this sketch).
  • The sketch was a remake of a sketch from one of his BBC shows, "Passengers of Passion," which aired on his November 27, 1965 special.