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00richard mottau

As Maurice Dribble from the back

Richard Mottau was an English child actor whose career spanned much of the 1970s, including appearances in "ITV Playhouse," "Get Some In!" and "Rooms."
Not much is known about his life and career. Born sometime around 1956, he appeared in the last episode of "The Benny Hill Show" on the BBC, later appearing as the younger version of Maurice Dribble in the December 25, 1969 episode on the Thames TV. His later roles included appearances in "Please Sir!," "Pardon My Genie," "Rooms" and "Get Some In!" He was also in the film "Last Summer." His last known role was an episode of "The Sweeney." His recent whereabouts are revealed, but it is possible he is now working outside the TV and film industry.