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Pretty Greek Girl is a song performed by Benny Hill on February 24, 1971. It was performed on stage in a Greek-style cantina to Yvonne Paul at a table without vocalization from The Ladybirds. When he starts to approach her, Bob Todd and Nicholas Parsons pull him back to dance with him and ruin his romantic interlude.

A partial version of this song was performed by Benny and Eddie Buchanan as Dennis Roussos and Mama Mouskouri on March 24, 1976.


Oh, listen to the story of a Greek romantic fool,
I fell in love with my teacher when I was at school.
But I knew our love could never be, she could not be mine,
For she was nearly twenty-three, I was thirty-nine.


I went to my first dance, and I met sweet Mylene,
She had the loveliest eyes that I have ever seen.
I said, "Within your lovely eyes, I could live and die."
She said, "The left one ought to suit you then, 'cause it's got a sty."

One day I was as miserable as I have ever been,
I went into a phone box to try to get in touch with Jean.
A policeman came and turned me out, I still can hear him yell,
Then he went back into the phone box, and he turned her out as well.


She's got eyes that glow like cigarettes with ashtrays underneath,
And when she bites her fingernails her mother hides her teeth.
But she wouldn't let me marry Jean, she said it was because
She thought I was effeminate and compared with her I was.

So come, my Pretty Greek girl, come and dance with me,
Shine upon me as the golden sun shines on the sea.
Fill my lonely eager arms with your sweet ecstasy,
Oh come, my pretty Greek girl, come and dance with me.......