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Poor Old Prunella was a comedy ballad performed by Benny Hill on March 22, 1972 accompanied by Jim Tyson (drums), Jackie Wright (trombone) and José Stewart (piano). It was repeated on March 5, 1980 for Benny's impression of entertainer Anthony Newley in an opening sequence of assorted singers.


Poor Old Prunella was built like a fella.
She went around to see Dr. Kerr.
He said, "Now then make haste," but when she stripped to the waist,
He could hardly stop calling her "sir."

"Don't worry your head, I'm a surgeon," he said,
"I'll graft you two on just like that."
But he went and got plastered, the silly old fool,
And he grafted them onto her back.


Now, Poor Old Prunella, she can't get a fella,
To walk or to talk or romance with.
Cause no one wants to chat with a girl who looks like that,
But by golly, she's great fun to dance with.