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The Police Raid In Waterloo Station is a low-budget spy film from Cheapo Films studios. The production is marred with numerous production, camera, wardrobe, acting and editing errors including, but not limited, to shaky sets, bad sound cues, errors in continuity, stage hands in shots, small sets, inaccurate stock footage, odd camera angles, camera crew in mirrors and other production errors.
The film features a man named Harry (Benny Hill) who goes to meet a woman known as Midnight (Anika Pavel). She mentions Lady Sylvia Ramsbottom who has a collection of jewelry that Midnight wants. After this robbery, she promises to go straight.
At her mansion, Lady Ramsbottom (Alison Bell) thinks she is alone even as Harry and Midnight rob the safe in her bedroom as she sleeps. After they escape, a detective (John Quayle) and his assistant, Miss Potts (Lee Gibson), pursue them by plane as the thieves escape on the SS Yorkshire Rose for the Manhattan Hotel. On the ship, Harry is noticed by a young beauty (Sue Upton) and leaves Midnight. As they're trying to sell the jewels to a gangster (Roger Finch), Midnight catches up with them and gets shot in a fight over the gun. Later, when Harry goes to buy a newspaper from a vendor (Jackie Wright), he's shot by the gangster from a window and dies in the street. The newspaper falls open to reveal the jewels had always been fakes.


  • "Cheapo Films Presents" is reboot of "The Fastest Film Director in the World," which had depicted a J. Arthur Clinker movie entitled "Secret Agent of Love." which Benny did first for the BBC in 1954. Benny's foil in that earlier sketch was Patricia Hayes. This sketch also featured gags which had been scattered among the first bloopers segment of the December 27, 1972 show.
  • This was Alison Bell's first appearance in the series.
  • Roger Finch and two actresses play passengers with Sue Upton as a stewardess.
  • Part of the dialogue in the sketch comes from Passengers Of Love.
  • Helen Horton plays the witness to the murder.