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Poetry Corner is a British TV program promoting high class entertainment to the general public with cuts to other programming.
The program starts with a very drunken announcer (Bob Todd) arguing with himself as he cuts to an episode of "Confrontation" where Henry McGee, Trudy Van Doorn and Bob Todd as themselves interview Merwyn Cruddy, an investigative reporter about his stories and general observations about public life. However, he turns the interview into being a rumor-mongerer and starts spilling secrets on celebrities and politicians:

  • Fred Fosdyke is sponging off his sister and brother-in-law
  • A local refuse collector isn't doing his job
  • A Lorry driver has been blocking Cruddy's driveway
  • Ladies underwear ads in the London Underground
  • "Mary Jane" use on the potty
  • Degradation and vice at Teddington Studios
  • Huey Green never appears on the BBC
  • Harry Sinclair never returns to native Scotland
  • Reg Varney never speaks of his brother Lando
  • Member of Ronnie Aldrich Orchestra changed his sax
  • Members of the Black and White Minstrels are illegal immigrants
  • The truth about Malcolm Motherwich and Kathy Kirby

The program is continued with a scene from "Mirror Ballet" as a male ballet dancer (Benny Hill) tries to be the reflection of the female ballet artist (Lee Gibson) outside it. It continues with a male poet (Henry McGee) doing a reading about bras. He is followed by another poet (Benny Hill) doing a reading of They Said It Could Not Be Done, which completes the episode.


  • For some reason, this routine was broken up and edited rather oddly in the episode. It starts out with Bob Todd as a drunken announcer screaming incoherently then cuts to a spoof of "Confrontation" as if it it was part of the same sketch. This is followed by the ballet dancers before going to Henry and Benny both doing recitations. When it was transferred to DVD, the opening is completely ignored in the menu, separating it into "Confrontation," "Reflection Ballet" and "Poetry Corner."
  • Jackie Wright and Jim Tyson appear in the background of the sketch's main body
  • Reg Varney is Benny's former comedy writing partner
  • Ronnie Aldrich is Benny's music director