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Please Pass Farther Down The Bus is an excerpt from the eponymous fictional book by the fictional author Angus McSpreading. it was read by Reverend John McFudpucker, the host of "Sit Up & Listen," played by Benny Hill on March 16, 1983.
According to Rev. McFudpucker, McSpreading died in 1923 and was known for several sayings like "One good turn gets most of the petro" and "Do into others and then run." He was also known for designing the covers of his books. Lyrics of the poem about the jailed Army soldier and a pudding his mother had brought him was previously read by Benny as St. John Bossom in the "Uplift with Humphrey Bumphrey" sketch of February 24, 1971. His reaction to the layout of the front cover of the book at sketch's end was edited out of the syndicated version of the hour-long series as aired in the 1990's on Comedy Central.


Shut up00

What is the United Nations asked a mere lad
It's where helping nations turn in times of trouble said Davey's dad
If one nation all alone decides it can't do anything, son
It's when the United Nations meets and decides that nothing can be done.

But I see politics on TV every night
Some say this, some say that, and they can't all be right.
Some say this is so, others say the opposite applies
How's a wee lad to know which one is telling lies

His dad says there is only one sure way, one beyond proving
Watch their faces you see
The one who's telling lies
It's the one whose lips are moving.

Never put off until tomorrow what you could do today
If you don't do it today, it might lead to sorrow
But if you do it today and like it,
You can do it again tomorrow

He who laughs when things go wrong
Has just thought of someone he can blame it on.

The soldier sat in the Army jail
His mother had brought him a pudding
"You can't leave that in here." said the seargeant
Even though it was a good 'un
Then he saw the look in the mother's eyes
And knew that she was feeling hurt
He did the thing he knew he had to do
He helped the soldier to desert
Well, the soldier got ahold of the pudding
And he ran with it back to his cell
"Put your pudding with treacle." He heard the seargeant yell.
If you want treacle on your pudding,
Put it out without delay
So the soldier put out his pudding
And the seargeant, he took it away