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Benny sings "Pepy's Diary"

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Episode: 59
Date: May 1, 1989
Time: 50:35
Musical Director: Ronnie Aldrich
Vocals: The Ladybirds
Choreography: Libby Roberts
Producer: Dennis Kirkland
Director: Dennis Kirkland
Writer: Benny Hill




  • Pepy's Diary
  • The Good Guys
  • Benny Hill: Up Close
  • An outing with the Little Angels




  • Coming Up



Sue Upton, Vicki Harris and Carla De Wansey as police officers

  • Opening Quickies feature a Preacher (Henry McGee) asking Jake Jardine where Granny is, Benny's wife (Anna Dawson) warning him that spying on girls will give him a headache, Anna Dawson in a book store looking for a book called "Sex Life of A Tiger" from Johnny Hutch and Lorraine Doyle and (Chloe?) remarking on how ugly Anna Dawson's baby is. Benny Hill plays an Italian grocer trying to cheer her up.
  • This is the third time Benny had done Pepy's Diary on his shows, he first did on his BBC show on April 26, 1958 and again on February 24, 1971.
  • The second string of quickies after Pepy's Diary feature Sammy and Milton, Anna Dawson at the morgue as Henry McGee shows her her deceased husband and Henry McGee as a husband who suspects his wife (Lorraine Doyle) of cheating on him as window cleaner (Benny Hill) is looking into the house. Other quickies feature a parodic version of the opening to "Tales From The Dark Side" and Benny in a barber shop as a lady (Sue Upton} nurses her baby.
    • In the "Tales of the Dark Side" spoof, there are several notable edits as actors replace the characters in silhouette, ending with Sara Throssell, Benny as a circus clown cop and an unknown actor as a mime.
  • In the start to the Hill's Angels routine, the Angels spell several words out of tiles as one of them (Benny Hill) struggles to stop profanity from being spelled.
  • In this episode, the Angels dance in a 50s-era motif with unidentified male dancers to the tune of the American TV-series "Happy Days" which ran from 1975 to 1986.
    • This number is considered the weakest of all the Angels routines in the series with the "Boon" number somewhat superior.
  • "The Good Guys" sketch includes "The A-Team" theme music.
  • The editing of this episode seems a bit odd. It starts out with quickies, heads to a musical number and runs a few quickies before going to two sketches, but when Benny seems to introduce the Hill's Angels, it segues to a quickie, an Angels bit, a sketch (actually a series of quickies on a theme) and another Angels bit within a sketch, all of which are awkwardly linked by the "TV Show Titles" moniker and not listed in the DVD show menu.
  • The fishing scenes were taped at Thorpe Park.
  • This was the last episode made for Thames TV; it appears on the "Golden Guffaws" VHS.
  • This was the last episode for Benny Hill (except his American special) through his fifty year association with British television. His syndicated shows would stay in circulation for another ten years with VHS/DVD distribution releasing his shows in edited and unedited format expanding his fan base for years afterward through HBO and A&E-TV. For topical reference, when Benny Hill came to an end, the top TV shows in the United States were "Seinfeld," "Quantum Leap," "Baywatch," "The Simpsons," "Roseanne," "Cheers," "Night Court" and "L.A. Law" and the top performers were Madonna, Michael Jackson, George Michael, Elton John, Diana Ross, Cyndi Lauper and David Bowie.