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Pat is a waitress in an unidentified restaurant somewhere in England, possibly in London or Teddington. Her full name isn't revealed.
One day a bicyclist (Benny Hill) rides into town following a series of directions on signs. He has to STOP at a crossing, GO along a lane and on arrival at the restaurant, he has to PUSH and PULL various doors to enter Pat's restaurant. At the table, he has to RING for Pat to take his order. When he reads PAT on Pat's chest, it's implied that he followed her name tag as well. She chases him outside swinging a wooden hammer to attack him, losing him just as an old man (Jackie Wright) chases AFTER her.


  • Actress and comedienne Sue Bond plays Pat.
  • Benny did a similar gag on Stephanie Marrian; in the Grand Wheelchair Rally on December 26, 1978, she plays a reporter with a pin reading PRESS on her sweater.
  • The exterior location is unrevealed, but it may be the parking lot at Teddington Studios.
  • If one looks closely, Sue Bond is laughing hysterically as she chases Benny. She also has to slow down so Jackie can keep up with her.