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The Passion Flower Hotel is a hotel landmark in England, possibly in Little Dimpton. Its staff is mostly women suggesting it caters to out-of-town businessmen.
One of the locals (Benny Hill) often fantasizes about being a guest at the hotel and being doted on by the staff, but his sleep is often being interefered upon by his shrewish wife (Bob Todd). He first dreams of being a guest while confusing vodka and gin for water and ingulging in peanuts and cigarettes, but he pretends to pass out and gets kisses in the form of mouth-to-mouth from one of the girls (Vanessa Biddulph), waking up to a rubber water bottle in his face. Forcing himself back to sleep, he returns to the hotel and is raced up the four flights of stairs by one of the girls (Lorraine Doyle), but her feather boa annoys him and he wakes up again with a feather in his face. Returning one more time, he returns to the hotel to extreme adulation, but the ringing of the dinner bell in close proximity becomes the alarm clock when he wakes up again.
Waking up the next morning, the beleagered husband rises from bed getting swatted by his wife. He goes through his bathroom routine, his wife appearing in the mirror as he departs. On his way, he tries tipping his hat to two ladies (Louise English and Sue Upton) in the street. While on his way, he passes the Passion Flower which seems to be real, and he knocks at the front entrance. The owner (Jenny Lee Wright) answers the door and tells him he can't come in because the hotel is haunted.... apparently by him.


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  • This was the final sketch for Jenny Lee Wright in the series.
  • In the sketch, the Hill's Angels wardrobe changes between interior to exterior and from first segment to second segment. This as well as a lack of opportunity to see their faces clearly makes it a challenge to identify their identities, but the IMDB suggests the Angels are Vanessa Biddulph (dark sequin dress), Samantha Spencer-Lane (no shoulder blue dress), Alison Thomas (spaghetti strap blue dress), Lisa Jackman (blue dress), Lorraine Doyle (black dress), Katie Randall (strapless blue dress), Sue Upton (light blue camisole) and Emma Bryant (black and white print). Jenny Lee Wright joins them in the second exterior entrance and the ending.
  • The sketch bounces between videotape (studio) and film (exteriors).
  • The mansion interiors were possibly filmed at the same mansion as The Gold Digger sketch (or the Clermont Fan School seen in The Herd), but it would be difficult to confirm this.
  • Benny plays a spirit in this sketch. Other "paranormal-themed" sketches include The Sound of Frankenstein and Wonder Gran meets Dracula.