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Passengers of Love is an ocean-board romantic comedy appearing on Cinema: The Vintage Years, a late night movie program featuring forgotten films, possibly from before the 1960s. It stars Ray Hilland (Benny Hill) and Loretta Bung (Jenny Lee-Wright) as Roger Rogers and Jenny, two passengers who meet each other. However, the film is marred by film damage, speed problems and sound errors among other snafus.
In the film, Jenny meets up with Roger and becomes charmed by him. Meanwhile, an unidentified figure known as the Phantom Prowler has been walking into rooms and annoying the female passengers uncaught. In the ship's lounge, Roger charms Jenny, the other passengers and crew by singing "Tiptoe Through The Tulips" together, but one haughty male passenger (Nicholas Parsons) gets Roger tossed from the lounge when it's revealed he's only a second class passenger. To join him, Jenny changes her ticket for a second class ticket, but she soon learns he's the ships's owner. When the male passenger follows her, he gets recognized as the prowler, and Roger beats him up to defend the honor of the ladies, turning him over to the captain. Jenny and Roger soon start making plans to get married.


  • Ray Hilland and Loretta Bung are parodies of classic film stars Ray Milland and Loretta Young.
  • Jackie Wright plays the ship's bartender, and Bob Todd plays the captain. Lesley Goldie plays an extra female passenger, but the redhead Parsons walks in on is unidentified.
  • This sketch was partially remade as "Love Ship" in the R. Dibble: Handyman episode.