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Otto Schtuk und die Bavarian Schtompers is a German dance and entertainment group who perform outside of the Kabaret Klug in Little Dimpton. The members include Benny Hill, Johnny Hutch, Lorraine Doyle, Bob Todd, Henry McGee and Jon Jon Keefe with an opening act by the Hill's Angels.
The Angels appear and dance to a Bavarian-style tune wearing German costumes with suspenders and lederhosen. Two of the Schtompers then appear and do a friendly slapping routine that nearly resorts in a fight. The rest of the group then appear and perform a dance while wearing bells of different pitch which are attached to their legs and arms. Their movements to the music create the tune. The female member wears a set of bells on the front of her blouse which she only shakes when their leader can't see her.
Off to the side, Laurel and Hardy (Sue Upton and Benny Hill) sit and watch the entertainment. Ollie picks up his trumpet, but Stannie's oboe comes apart when he lifts it so Ollie stands to fix it. When it is assembled, Stannie learns its made of candy and starts eating the mouth piece. A bit perturbed, Ollie sits down on his trumpet, flattening it.
The Angels wrap the festival getting thrown tambourines and performing with them. Benny comes out as well and performs with them doing fancy stuff with a tambourine himself.


  • The sketch opens with the music from the Little Dimpton Street Party from February 10, 1982 being used again as well as on the same city set.
  • The Little Dimpton accompanying bits features:
  • According to William Brown of "Benny's Places," Benny and Johnny Hutch's hand-slapping and clapping routine is a recreation of a bit that Benny and Jackie Wright performed years before in a previous episode.
    • The hand-slapping entertainment was also featured in the movie, "National Lampoon's European Vacation" with Chevy Chase which came out in 1985, four years before this episode.
  • The Hill's Angels role call for this sketch is unrevealed, but it is believed it includes Sara Throssell, Nicola Bacon, Helen Carpenter, Susie Waring, Alison Deegan and Victoria Rees. The seventh and eighth girls are unidentified.
  • Benny has also sat down on a plate of food in another episode and his hat in Chez When in 1988.
  • Had the series lasted a few more years, it is likely Benny and Sue might have done more bits as Laurel and Hardy.
  • Otto Schtuk is also used as the name of the tennis player in a quickie on December 22, 1971.