The Benny Hill Show Wikia


Episode: 6
Date: December 23, 1970
Time: 48:18
Musical Director:
Vocals: The Ladybirds
Producer: John Robins
Director: John Robins
Writer: Benny Hill




  • A Tribute to the Lower Tidmarsh Fire Brigade
  • Opportunity's Knocking
  • Ernie - The Fastest Milkman In The West




  • Nicholas Parsons - "Now, if I came to you and said I had a month to holiday and only seven pounds to spend, could you tell me where to go?"
    Fred Scuttle - "Yes sir, but I would not be so rude."

  • Dickie Dido - "Now, Pythagoras had a theorum.... and it hurt!"

  • Huey Crane - "I've never used buttons. There's no flies on me."


  • The opening sketch features Sue Bond in Rubber Balloons; this was her first appearance in the series.
  • This is the first of three black and white programs that were produced as a result of a wage dispute at Thames TV.
  • The first string of Quickies features more examples of Look Number Seven
  • Dickie Dido last appeared in a sketch with Patricia Hayes in 1970.
  • The second string of Quickies feature:
    • A bungled robbery by a trio of thieves (Nicholas Parsons, Benny and Trisha Noble)
    • Sign hangers (Benny and Jackie Wright) foiled by a bicyclist (Bob Todd)
    • A singer (Trisha Noble) flying off a swing
    • Splash detergent erasing the pattern off a floor (with Benny and Jan Butlin)
    • A dancer (Benny) sailing past his back-up dancers (Lesley Goldie and Kay Frazer
    • A TV host (Benny) reveals the hidden word in a Theatre Royal poster
    • A TV cook (Benny) breaking a bowl with a soup can
    • A dancer (Benny) loses his partner (Kay Frazer) and finds a studio employee (Nicholas Parsons) (The singer is Trisha Noble)
    • A lack of difference between Fair Deal Ben and the competing detergent (Benny does the voice)
  • "A Tribute to the Lower Tidmarsh Fire Brigade' was later remade in A Tribute to the Lower Tidmarsh Fire Brigade.
  • Benny does a parody of the British talent show "Opportunity's Knocking." He also parodied it with a German version called "Opportunite Knokkes" in 1971.
  • Benny performs his song, Ernie - The Fastest Milkman In The West which includes the lyrics "Ernie was only 68. He didn't want to die." Ironically, Benny passed away at the age of 68.
  • Bob Todd doesn't appear in this episode.
  • In the closing tag, Sue Bond can be seen laughing as she chases after Benny around and through (possibly) the Teddington Studios parking lot.