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The Olympic Training Field is a exercise training area in an identified area near London (possibly Teddington or Lower Tidmarsh) where local athletes work to compete in the Olympics. Despite all attention to safety, accidents occur, and a javelin thrower (Jenny Westbrook) hurls a javelin into one of the officials (Jackie Wright). Despite injuries, officials still regulate by the rules, placing points on where the javelin hit the official, not where he collapses from it.
The grounds includes a closed roadway where Ginger Thompkins runs to practice for track. When he starts slowing down, his trainer (Jackie Wright) comes out of the woods with a whip to keep him going. Down the road, three nudists (Lorna Nathan, Monika Ringwald and Jenny Westbrook) come from out of the trees to help him run faster by flashing him and running away from him. When he can't keep up with them, three amorous guys (Henry McGee and two unknown) come out to chase him, and Ginger soon overtakes the girls as he evades them in a parking lot.