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Episode: 11
Date: December 22, 1971
Time: 50:08
Musical Director:
Vocals: The Ladybirds
Producer: David Bell
Director: David Bell
Writer: Benny Hill


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  • Fred Scuttle: Chief Drama Director and Dialogue Coach
  • The Great Pretender.



  • Benny Hill - "Please don't blame my doggy; it's not his fault at all. Someone left a wet umbrella standing in the hall."

  • Fred Scuttle - "I shot an arrow into the air; it fell to earth, I know not where. I lose more bloody arrows that way."

  • Fred Scuttle - "Chunky, say something soft and warm as silk, and if you say teacle pudding, I'll pound you."

  • King Henry - "Look what happened at my birthday party. She sat next to me at the table, and spent all night making very strange noises."
    The Queenmother - "But she couldn't help it!"
    King Henry - "But she kept looking at me as if I'd done it!"


  • Ronnie Brody is better known as a regular cast member on "Dave Allen at Large."
  • The "News At Ten" sketch includes archive footage of Queen Elizabeth, King Philip, Edward Heath and Muhammad Ali.


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