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Newer Faces is a British television talent show hosted by Derek Hobsen (Benny Hill) and judged by Ted Ray, Mickey Most, Clifford Davis and Tony Hatch (all played by Benny Hill). The acts in the show include regular people (and whole families) in acts consisting of Melanie Head, John Thomas, Happy Max, The Odd Balls and Versatile Bentwoods, a family of talented and optimistic performers, featuring Uncle Jackie (Jackie Wright) as a tap dancer, Vera (Diana Darvey), who loses her underwear while dancing and Uncle Joe (Benny Hill) who tap-dances and plays his teeth, knocking out his front teeth. Mother Bentwood (Stella Moray) stumbles through a song before Uncle Joe attempts a ventriloquist act aided by a two family members (Samantha Stevens) and (Henry McGee), who is briefly hidden behind the falling backdrop. The second relative, identified as Uncle Henry, tries a bicycle act before crashing. Uncle Ben next starts a magic act, nearly fatally impaling Uncle Jackie when he is handed the wrong prop. His last two acts are a balloon act with Mother Bentwood and Uncle Benny as a strong man with two unnamed female family members (Samantha Stevens and Lee Gibson) performing cartwheels. The other family members join in the act with Uncle Jackie wearing a bandage on his head.
After the act, the relative acts stand by on camera and watch as the judges grade them by presentation, content and star quality, making several off the cuff comments about the family on the way. Mickey calls Mother Bentwood an "old bird" and makes a pass to the little blonde (Samantha Stevens). At most, they rate the Versatile Bentwoods at 101 points, not nearly enough to defeat the previous winner Happy Max (Bob Todd) at 107 points.


  • "Newer Faces" is a parody of the pre-"American Idol" talent series "New Faces" which aired on ITV from 1973 to 1978 and from 1986 to 1988.
  • Samantha Stevens looks surprised when Benny lifts her off her feet.
  • Bob Todd and Anne Bruzac play unnamed members of the Brentwoods.
  • Yvonne Dearman plays an unnamed contestant, possibly Melanie Head. She seems to have a dog act.