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New England was a British Colony in 1620 and lasting until 1776 when it became part of the American Colonies; it is now known as the state of Massachusetts in the United States of America.
In 1635, a colonist named Eli Todd (Bob Todd) was placed in the stocks for having immoral and wicked thoughts. One of the other colonists, Benny Pureheart (Benny Hill), eventually joined him to strike up a conversation and tried cajoling him to reveal what he had thought. After Eli complied, they were joined by Mistress Mary (Andree Melly) whose completely random conversation about getting a goose, the work in the area and the local savages incites sinful thoughts in Benny he blames on Eli for starting, knocking him around for causing them. When Mary gets up to leave, Benny has his foot on her skirts which pulls her clothing off down to her undergarments. Benny and the other colonists now start beating Eli and calling him a "lecher."


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