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Mr. TV Times is a televised British male beauty contest hosted by David Hamilton, consisting of a group of male contestants vying for best male specimen of 1974. The contestants include:

  1. 2 - Ted Grunge (Bob Todd) - his wing is knocked off on the way out
  2. 3 - "John" (John Mulcahey-Morgan) - steps out thinking he's in Third Place
  3. 6 - Brent Chuck (Henry McGee)
  4. 9 - "Barry" Barry Alexander - his number gets turned upside-down, he steps out with #6
  5. 18 - Bert French (Jim Tyson) - his number is upside down; he also glowers over Ivor backstage
  6. 19 - Ivor Mill (Benny Hill) - (43-43-43)

David Hamilton introduces Ivor as Ivor Biggins from Mill Hill, but he's really from Biggin Hill. His abition is to be "a straight actor," he loves football, likes to meet strange people and Greece is his favorite holiday resort and he prefers the casual look. He's married with fifteen children and spends his time flying his kite. He wishes everyone could be more equal and wants to help unwed fathers.
Counting the winners in reverse, Hamilton announces Brent Chuck from Northern Abbott as the third place winner, who comes out and sits in the winner's throne until getting pulled out of it. The second place winner is Ted Grunge from Kipping Subb. The 1974 Mr. TV Times is Ivor Biggins, who is completed shocked and elated to have won, so much so that he struggles to stop crying with joy. However, Ted and Brent are looking confused and dismayed at each other, even angrily pulling the winner's sash over him like a restraint and draping the huge cape over his head completely. When Ivor goes to thank the judges, he identifies them as his sister (Cheryl Gilham), his aunt (Diana Darvey) and two ex-girlfriends, Joan and Jane (Kathy Manuell and Gabrielle Field). When the other male contestants realize he's connected to the judges, they chase him from the building with the intent to cause bodily harm.


  • John Mulcahy-Morgan and Geoff Ramseyer from Design play unamed additional contestants without numbers.
  • Jackie Wright plays the 19-year-old Claude Bottom, the previous Mr. TV Times handing off the crown. He's assisted by Lesley Goldie playing a nurse.
  • This would be the last sketch for Lesley Goldie.
  • Bella Emberg plays the photographer.