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Monica Ringwald is an English-German actress possibly best known for her bit roles in many British sexploitation movies. Her only lead role was in "The Sexplorer" in 1975.
Not much is known about her life and career, which was covered by numerous pseudonyms, including Marilyn Rickard, Marylyn Rickard, Monica Ringwald, Monica Ringwood and June Rutherford. She was possibly born Marilyn Rickard, but this is confirmed. She started out as a nude model, appearing in British magazines such as "Health and Efficiency" and "Witchcraft" amongst others before appearing in an uncredited role in the 1967 James Bond spoof "Casino Royale" with Peter Sellers, David Niven and Woody Allen. She starred in a string of sexploitation movies afterward, first starring on "The Benny Hill Show" in 1971, playing a woman on an elevator, a passenger on the S.S. Rumpo and the girl chased by Benny Hill in the tag on November 24, 1971. She returned to star on the show three more times, appearing in the "Shopping Center" and "El Paso" sketches on December 17, 1975, as one of two maids with Jenny Westbrook in "Domestic Bliss" on March 24, 1976 and possibly as late as May 27, 1985, all credited as Monica Ringwald. She retired from acting in 1978.