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Episode: 18
Date: March 26, 1973
Musical Director:
Producer: Peter Whitmore
Writer: Dave Allen, Austin Steele and Peter Vincent


Dave36 no ship

"There's bo ship."

  • Coming Up


  • Dave finds money under the tire of a parked car
  • The clergy goes on strike



  • Michael Sharvell-Martin - "Why do I always have to be the one who gets the ball?!!" (after playing a guard climbing over a wall after a baseball)

  • Dave Allen - "He's the only person who sits on a stool and gets a hangover." (about Michael Sharvell-Martin)

  • Dave Allen "We were talking about doing the show, and we said, 'Let's actually do a show - Let's actually do a show without any religious gags just to prove we can do it.' and then we thought, 'Why the h*** should we?'"

  • Jacqueline Clarke - "What a lovely family there are!" (about a group of co-mingling religious figures greeting each other)

  • Dave Allen - (about Elizabeth I being a virgin) "I'm not surprised she got remembered for that; you don't meet many of those."

  • Jacqueline Clarke - (playing a lady officer being courtmaritaled) "Really, sir, You and your war games!!"


  • Recurring Characters and Themes: King Arthur, golf, Cyrano de Bergerac, criminals, the police, religion, heaven and James the Butler
  • British journalist, reporter and newsreader Peter Woods makes an appearance as a TV Newsman for the clergy on strike sketch.
  • The sketch with the clergy going on strike ranks as one of the top remembered sketches from the series.
  • In the "clergy-on-strike" scene, the clergy list as their grievances "dank cells, drafty churches, woodworm in the confessionals, low pay and having to work ever Sunday." They also sing Hymn 769 as their song of protest.
  • The money under the car tire sketch ranks among the top ten remembered sketches in the series.
  • Recurring series characters and themes for this episode include priests, army officers, golfing, Prince Charming, Robin Hood, King Arthur, drunks, taverns and marriage.