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Meeting People With Nicholas Parsons is a British TV talk show hosted by TV personality Nicholas Parsons. The format seems to be vanue for meeting and interviewing interesting people and entrepreneurs. In this episode, Parsons meets Chinese entreprenuer Chow-Mein and his wife, "Cookie" Mein (Zienia Merton). Right from the start, Parsons, always the refined English gentleman, struggles to follow the conversation as the Mein's accents befuddle and stymie him.
In their conversation, Parsons tries to compliment Mrs. Mein's beauty, but she's not a fan of his flattery. Meanwhile, Chow describes meeting her over car trouble in the "long rain" (wrong lane). He further goes on to say the Chinese are interested in the Royal Family of England and the medical conditions in English hospitals. They also describe attending a wedding where the "gloom" (groom) failed to show up. They also attend cricket, rugby and "okay" (hockey) matches.


  • This sketch is the genesis of the later Meeting People With Henry McGee interview segments and assorted versions.
  • Zienia Merton is possibly best known as Sandra Benes in the cult Science fiction series "Space: 1999."
  • When Mein first appears on Thames TV in East Meets West, he mentions his wife is an English singer and implies he was forced into marriage by his wife and in-laws.