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Meeting People With Henry McGee is a recurring British talk show format that showcases Henry McGee as a television host interviewing guests. The premise is originally known as "At Home with Henry McGee," later becoming "out and About with Henry McGee" and "Friends to Tea With Henry McGee." McGee also has a brief movie review format called "Film Talk."
In the segments, McGee shows incredible restraint and professionalism in interviewing his guests, mostly Fred Scuttle, whose impish and childlike personality is almost a delight for him. However, he is frequently stymied and gets confused interviewing Chow Mein and Gaston LeClerc, whose strong accents, respectively, Chinese and French, often become indecipherable as they create new words or use other words out on context. He also interviews Fanny and Johnny Craddock, Edith Packet and meets Gaston's sister, Louise Le Clerc. On February 22, 1973, he meets Chu-Em Gumm with Chow Mein. In "First Impressions," yet another format, he interviews Tennon and Mortice Carpenter, Irish brothers visiting England for the first time and in "In London Tonight," he interviews Mr. Finn (Jackie Wright) and Mr. Ballor (Benny Hill).