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McHales Bar and Restaurant is a public eatery located on New York City's fabled Restaurant Row on 46th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues. The location is often used as a mob hang-out and surrounded by hookers.
In 1991, two police officers (Lanny Flaherty and Andrew Alburger) grab a suspect (Joey Faye) in front of the restaurant and leave his cap behind. It is found by an English tourist (Benny Hill), who not knowing where to turn it in, takes it with him into the restaurant. Inside, he sits in a noisy seat and notices a lamp shaped like a naked woman, pulling the lamp shade down over her to appear as a skirt. The bartender (Lorraine Doyle gives him a smoky drink, but when a hooker (Debbie Scamp) notices the wad of bills he produces to pay for his drink, she rushes to his side and has him pay for her own drink. The hooker then starts running her hand over the tourist to get his cash, watching him place it in another pocket. She then manuvers her leg around him and snatches it in her toes, As she gets up and leaves, the cash flies bak to him via an elastic string recoiling it back.
Meanwhile, three hoods (Bob Todd, Johnny Hutch and Jon Jon Keefe) enter looking for their guy, not knowing he's been picked up. Seeing the tourist wearing his hat, they mistakenly meet with him, revealing a case full of cash. They want the matching case which is full of clothes and a teddy bear. Angry, they want their case back and pull out gun. Through some innocent interplay, the tourist gets the gun and tries to call the police but without success. The suitcases get shuffled and mixed up, and after the tourist departs, they get stuck with the tourist's suitcase full of clothes. Realizing the tourist had the money-filled suitcase, they race after him down the street, joined by the hookers standing on the sidewalk.


  • McHales was a real theater restaurant located at 298 West 46th Street in New York City which closed down in January 2006. It later re-opened at 251 West 51st Street.
  • Debbie Scamp looks like she maybe wearing the same dress [[[Sara Throssell]] wore in Hill's Angels Roll Call.
  • When Lorraine Doyle tucks the cash down the front of her dress, it registers with the sound of a cash register. Benny possibly got inspiration for this gag from Bob Hope's 1989 Bahamas Special with LaToya Jackson, who performs the same gag.
  • The exterior hookers are played by Lee Meredith, Margretha Hammer, Stacey Ann Logan and Caryn Rosenthal. The actors playing the gangster leaning on the building and the extra gangster are unidentified; the latter seems to be the same unidentified actor who played the fake mugger in How to Meet Beautiful Women.
  • The vendor in the park is possibly Andrew Alburger.
  • Along with How to Meet Beautiful Women, this was the only other sketch in the special to showcase the American cast and the British cast in one sketch.