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Maurice Dribble is a former English military officer in Great Britain. He doesn't seem to have any notable events in his life.
Dibble seems to have been born somewhere in the Late 1890s or Early 1900s. His parents (Benny Hill and Eira Heath) spent their honeymoon at the Happy Hours Hotel with his father spending much of the time with his right shoe stuck to his foot because of a knot in it. His father doted heavily to his pregnant mother, often racing from the house to care for her on the grounds, later hiring a nanny (Connie Georges) for the birth.
After he was born, Dribble's father slowed down in his care, trying to leave his late night feedings to his mother. In grammar school, young Maurice (Richard Mottau) was often repimanded by his teacher (Michael Sharvell-Martin) for tomfoolery. After many whippings, he protects himself with a magazine down the seat of his pants.
Dribble later attended Oxford University, basically dating his teachers (Yvonne Paul, Valerie Stanton and Connie Georges in order to pass his classes. After graduating, he turns up at the Labor Exchange to claim unemployment wages, only to drink so much beer at the Prince Of Wales that he later stumbles into an Army Recruiting Office and joining the military.
Bumbling through boot camp, Dribble is an annoyance to his commanding officer (Nicolas Parsons). A minor injury leads to him becoming an officer, a position he uses to steal the lady friends (Valerie Stanton) from his former commanding officer (Nicolas Parsons), but he is completely ineffectual on the battlefield, running from the explosions and gunfire. Later in his military career, he awards medals to out-standing soldiers in uniform, including female officers (Valerie Stanton). Unfortunately, health woes take over his life and he retires home to the house of his parents (Wally Goodman and Lillian Padmore). A surgery helps extend his life until his health woes return and he retires to the Old Peoples Home in Pollop Borough where he spends his time playing cards with the staff. One day after playing strip poker with a very lovely nurse (Yvonne Paul), he gets four aces and has a heart attack. He is buried at the Haven of Peace Cemetery.


  • This sketch was possibly made over into the story of Gavin Blod. Both sketches cover the character from "cradle to the grave" with a side trek though the Army with glimpses into the afterlife.
  • The "Teecher is a twit" chalkboard graffiti later turns up on a school chalkboard in the Girls Girls Girls Nightclub on March 23, 1977.
  • The church in this sketch looks like it could be the same one in The Gold Digger sketch.