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Mariscos is a Spanish seaside resort located somewhere in Spain, possibly on the southern border with the Mediterranean. It apparently is a huge tourist spot among English travelers.
Jack Wright takes his vacation here on a break from The Benny Hill Show. Taking the 49£ rate to save money, he experiences the economy version over the more extravagant 50£ rate by a fellow tourist (Bob Todd). The trip is arranged by a ticket agent (Benny Hill) who tries talking him out of the cheaper rate with zero results. The bus to the airfield is through Duffo Tours whose bus leaves behind one of his suitcases and needs to be pushed by the passengers when it breaks down. The plane to Mariscos is on an old 40s-era biplane with a nearly blind pilot (Benny Hill), a surly masculine stewardess (Bob Todd) who feeds them from a pail and a partying crew with stewardesses (Helli Louise and Sue Bond) dressed like Playboy bunnies. The co-pilot (Henry McGee) and navigator (Benny Hill) get drunk and chase them up and down the aisle of the plane
On arrival, Jackie learns the hotel is under heavy renovation, and his room doesn't have a closet. The crude sounds from his beach ball earn him the ire of a local magistrate (Benny Hill) who follows him around the beach. When Jackie can't find a place to change, he tries changing by the hotel pool but gets reprimanded only after changing rooms become available. In the hotel restaurant, Jackie is served by a distracted waiter (Benny Hill) who puts wine in his dish and souffle in his glass. When the crude sounds of his beach ball get him arrested, Jackie gets stuck in jail with another prisoner (Benny Hill) who steals his gruel.
Because of his jail sentence delaying his trip back, Jackie has to rent a bicycle to get home, but when he gets a flat, the crude sounds from his inner tube get him arrested again.