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Marine Jolivet is a French actress and singer, possibly best known for the films "Navarro," "Highlander" and "The Three Brothers."
Not much is known about her career. Often credited as Jacqueline Jolivet, her first credit was the film "Out Of Whack" in 1979, followed by appearances in the TV shows "Au théâtre ce soir" (At The Theater Tonight), "Julien Fontanes, magistrat" Julian Fontanes, Magistrate" and "La vie des autres" (The Lives Of Others) and a recurring role in the TV mini-series "Dickie-roi." In 1983, she was mentioned as a "new-comer" to "The Benny Hill Show," possibly playing one of the female soldiers in the Super-Teech sketch.
Well-known in French film and television, she has also done considerable voice-over work dubbing in French for American movies in France, providing voices for actresses Dana Delaney, Paula Marshall, Tracey Needham, Nicole de Boer, Megan Ward and Christina Hendricks.