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Marcel The Barber is a character in an unidentified Fred Scuttle film project. He's a laid-back character who reads while he cuts hair, often balancing objects like mugs and snuff boxes on the heads of his clientele.
In the film, Marcel works in a two-chair barber shop with a partner (Henry McGee). While working with a dozing customer (Patrick Newell) he reads a comic book and sniffs a bit of snuff tobacco. After applying shampoo to his customer, he leaves the man rising out his own head to wander outside and clear his head. Out there, he meets an old-timer (Jackie Wright) waiting for his girlfriend and drags him in for a shave.
The shop also has a manicurist (Anna Dawson) with whom Marcel seems to be having a relationship. She kisses him on the way in, getting a reaction from the guy in the chair. As he moves the old man to the chair, his partner comes in, and he also seems to be having a relationship with the manicurist. Marcel gets so jealous with watching their relationship that he over-lathers the old man and tries to shave him with a dust mop. The shaving is even more precarious with the hot towel casually thrown on, scorching him.
With his girlfriend (Diana Darvey) waiting, the old man looks like he's back from the war as he stumbles out to meet her after his shave. Upon seeing him, she becomes upset and throws his crushed flowers into his face, leaving him in the process. The barber pole then comes down knocking him out. When a local cop (Bob Todd) finds him, Marcel just claims he's drunk.


  • Marcel the Barber was played by Benny Hill.
  • The sketch looks as if it was filmed on the same sound stage set that became known as Little Dimpton in the 80s episodes of the series.
  • This was a remake of a sketch that aired on Hill's last BBC special of December 26, 1968. Benny and Jackie reprised their respective roles from the earlier rendition; in the 1968 version Jim Tyson played the role that in this version was played by Patrick Newell.