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Man vs. Machine is a television broadcast from the nurses's sleeping quarters of an unidetified hospital. It is hosted by Henry McGee and featuring Fred Scuttle, who claims to have tutored a man using hypnosis to out-think a computer. Called Super-Head, Master Brain and Wonder Brain, the genius in question is Arnold (John Vyvyan), a figure McGee observes doesn't look very bright, but Scuttle refutes his observation, claiming that Arnold has had fifteen jobs in four months in the Chinese Bakeaway, Irish Giveaway, the Garden of Remembrance (where he forgot to open the gates) and a monastery. Scuttle also mentions in passing that Arnold had a heart transplant from a woman and fell in love with himself. (But he doesn't fancy himself.) He attempted suicide after that and tried to overdose on aspirins, but he felt better after the first aspirin.
During the exhibition, Arnold manages to answer Fred's questions before he can ask them or before Henry can get the answers from a computer. The responses, however, are typical burlesque responses:
"What is the shortest form of abbreviation for William Knot?"
"Will Knot!"


  • The two-sided face in the background reappears in the Duffo commercial parody in Leprechaun TV.