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Jan Butlin gets a physical


The Lower Tidmarsh Volunteer Hospital is a medical facility in the small town of Lower Tidmarsh known for its unprofessional, unorthodox and possibly misogynistic activities. When Jack Wright goes in for surgery, he gets slammed around by the driving of the ambulance drivers (Benny Hill and Verne Morgan), who also stop for drinks from the local bar keep (Ken Sedd) and to answer a call of nature. On arrival, Jackie notices the doctors (Benny Hill, Michael Sharvell Martin and Ken Parry) chasing the nurses (Pamela Beckman, Barbara Lindley, Yvonne Paul and Anne Irving). He is greeted by a doctor and the head nurse (Connie Georges). Inside, patients tend to work off their bills while other nurses foul up their duties, like putting a blood pressure device on the neck of a patient (Freddie Wiles). When Jackie undresses for his examination, the doctors laugh at his state of his physique (or lack thereof). They also force female patients to disrobe openly to striptease music over even the most minor of consultations, something the head nurse obviously disapproves of.
When Jackie goes to surgery, he gets washed up by the nurses in a bathtub, and the doctors argue over how to cut him open, marking up his chest with a tic-tac-toe game. During surgery, the doctors smoke and drink; one of them pass out on the anesthetic. The offending tissue from Jackie in the surgery is tossed to feed a cat.
As Jackie tries to depart a few days later, a doctor stops him to reveal he lost his watch inside him, but Jackie gives him his watch as a replacement than get cut open again. He and his wife (Jan Butlin) also choose against riding the ambulance to walk home.