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Love Will Find A Way is a romantic melodrama set in the 1890s about the romance of two young actors named Claude and Fifi and the effort they try to keep it together after she marries a wealthy old financier.
In the narration, it is revealed that Claude (Benny Hill) is a penniless actor in love with Fifi (Lesley Goldie), but she is wooed by Pierre (Jackie Wright), a rich banker who she marries. However, she still loves Claude and manages to convince Pierre to hire him as their butler. In time, Claude and Fifi are having an adulterous affair all over the house behind Pierre's back. He is soon welcomed back in disguise to serve as the chauffeur, and in time, he and Fifi are fooling around again on picnics behind Pierre. Somehow, Claude gets invited back in another disguise as the gardener, but the tryst is discovered again and he's sent off once more. He manages to return once more dressed as a maid, but he and Fifi don't get much time together because he's now always running from a very amorous Pierre.
Pierre soon hires another maid (Jenny Lee Wright) to help in the mansion. Claude loves the idea of sharing a room with her, but between keeping his identity from her and running from Pierre, he becomes a nervous wreck far older than his normal years.