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Look #7 is the look or expression (according to Benny Hill) used by comedians to display sadness or surprise. It is followed by a vignette of quickies and short scenes showing the expression, including:

  • A dying wife (Jan Butlin) tells her grief-stricken husband (Benny Hill) not to let his next wife wear her clothes, not knowing he has a mistress
  • A newlywed (Jan Butlin) on her honeymoon is annoyed by the question of her husband (Benny Hill) involving previous lovers before revealing her other lovers
  • A doctor (Benny Hill) is surprised by the effects checking the blood pressure of a patient (Rona Newton-John) has on her body
  • When a building catches fire, a husband (Verne Morgan) runs back to his wife (Jan Butlin) to save her, only to hear a voice (Benny Hill) to save the furniture
  • A doctor (Benny Hill) is surprised by the three cups in the brassiere of an undressing female patient
  • A lady (Jan Butlin) with a male admirer (Benny Hill) slips into something more comfortable, namely another chair
  • A woman (Jan Butlin) who has been attacked tells her husband (Benny Hill) that she was attacked by his agent, but he wants to know more about a "Crossroads" audition
  • A guy (Benny Hill) pumps up the tire on the bicycle of his girlfriend (Rona Newton-John) but the air takes another destination
  • A husband (Benny Hill) disparages his wife (Jan Butlin) as "mother of six," but she counters with "father of one."
  • A woman (Rona Newton-John) visiting her doctor (Benny Hill) starts to undress behind a curtain as his trousers swing over from the other side
  • A ship's captain (Benny Hill) trying to impress a young girl (Mia Martin) with the Equator is stunned by the stupidity of another passenger (Jan Butlin) and further by what she sees on it

Several more examples were featured on December 23, 1970

  • A doctor (Benny Hill) learns the sick maid (Trisha Noble) is actually on strike for unpaid wages so he hops in bed with her to get his unpaid fees
  • A lonely wife (Jan Butlin) tells her milkman (Benny Hill) is departed, but she means he's departed work work before dragging him into her house
  • A doctor (Benny Hill) tells his patient (Sue Bond) she has Egyptian flu - She's going to be a mommy
  • A talent scout (Benny Hill) asks the actress (Sue Bond) sitting on his desk to show her legs
  • A newlywed (Trisha Noble) on her honeymoon with her husband (Benny Hill) tells her friend she'll call back in five minutes
  • A man in stocks (Benny Hill) gets an apple from a young maiden (Trisha Noble) , but he can't reach his mouth
  • An adulterous wife (Trisha Noble) takes her milkman (Benny Hill) to her bedroom, but she can't avoid showing her husbands giant shoes