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Little Dimpton Hospital is a mental facility and old-folks hospital in or near Little Dimpton. The grounds are full of nurses rolling patients around and a typo in the sign on property reads "congealed entrance."
While walking the grounds of the hospital with his dog, a man (Benny Hill) calls upon his dog to heel, but the power and repeated passion of his voice calls for all the old-timers to be "healed." The feat causes the nurses and patients to chase after him to punish him for putting them out of work or thank him, all but three (Len Keyes, Bob Todd and Sydney Arnold), who are too winded to keep up with the rest.
Chased by six nurses (unidentified) and three patients (likely Henry McGee, Jon Jon Keefe and Mike Mulloy), the figure darts back into the hospital and steals a BMX bike, pulling tricks and stunts ahead of his pursuers. He dances up and down stairs on it, jumps a bench, rides on his handlebars and does u-turns off the trees. As he looks back to see how far he is, he fails to notice the tree coming up on him, and he smacks so hard into it that he emerges an angel in the afterlife on the other side.


  • No names were given for the characters or locations in this sketch. However, Little Dimpton was being referenced in nearly all the sketches of this time, even in the Joe Titmarsh sketch.
  • The grounds of the London Freeman's School serve as the hospital exterior and grounds; it also served as an extreme close-up of the Kirkdale Mansion in The Herd.
  • During the trick stunts, Benny and the cast pass the same house from Rembrandt and The Bucket.
  • The names of the actresses playing the nurses chasing Benny are unrevealed, but it is possible they are Samantha Spencer-Lane, Tracy Smith, Allison Thomas, Fiona Baker, Emma Bryant and Katie Randall.
  • According to William Brown of "Benny's Place," this was the last show was to feature the classic Thames logo opening.
  • This was the final sketch for Len Keyes in the series.