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Lindsay Neil is an English dancer who starred as one of the Hill's Angels during the 1984 episodes of "The Benny Hill Show" when Libby Roberts, formerly of "Love Machine," worked as choreographer on the show. Not much is known about her life. She was born in Accra, Ghana in West Africa and lived mostly in Africa, spending time in the Middle East. She attended schools in Kenya, Bahrain and Tripoli as well as a few different schools in the United Kingdom. In the 80s, she did theater and performed on stage, getting to appear in the "Workout" act in the April 25, 1984 episode, later studying art and completed her diploma in the Fine Arts. She now works as a a painter and has her own website as Lindsay Neil Baikie. She also has two boys with her husband.



  • Lisa, Erica, Lindsay and Benny in "The Hot Shoe Show"

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